I currently reside in Tempe Arizona as a student at the Arizona State University.
Working on a bachelor of Computer Science, I have hopes of achieving Masters Degree in the future.

Studied Languages

Thus far, i have encountered a myriad of languages at ASU, the first of which was Java. Java served as the foundation for the slough of languages to come.

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Assembly
  • Scheme
  • Prologue

General Interest

Outside of software development lies my life away from the embellished text editors

  • Music

    I have studied music for about 11 years now. As a multi-instrumentalist, music comes easy. It was not until my most recent years that i found myself as a vocalist as well.

  • Art

    Doodling is one of the many instinctive behaviors I've displayed. This outlet has developed into mostly adequate sketches and digital art.

  • Content

    Consuming content has always been an enjoyable pastime. With my musical endeavors on the rise, it was not long before i began creating content of my own.

  • Technology

    I have always displayed interest in understanding how technology works. It is no wonder why my first job was in IT

Buy me pizza?

Broke college student is broke.